The Great Awakening

Previous revivals came TO us and ON us. This time, it is IN us and must come OUT of us… We need to “AWAKEN” and take hold of our allotment… The time is NOW!!

One night recently, I had a dream and saw many people all sleepwalking with their arms outstretched before them, walking slowly while low groans escaped from their mouths. To my dismay, I realized that these were fellow Christians.

A few days later whilst meditating on this, I heard the Lord say, “THE GREAT AWAKENING!”

My understanding of this was clear. Multitudes of his people are still blinded, bound and in bondage.

It’s time to revive the sleeping giant that is in you ……...

The first Great Awakening occurred in the mid-18th-century colonies, as popular Protestant church leaders, such as Jonathan Edwards, sparked a movement that shook up said, institutionalized Congregationalism with a new emphasis on personal experience and born-again revivalism.

The second Great Awakening of the early 19th century placed an even greater emphasis on revival. At the same time, a new breed of highly entrepreneurial (and often nondenominational) evangelists like Charles Finney won huge followings. This powerful awakening contributed to the growing populist strain in American politics, culminating most dramatically in the presidency of Andrew Jackson, and it inspired scores of social reformers and particularly abolitionists.

The third Great Awakening spanned the last decades of the 19th century and pushed into the early decades of the 20th century. It was notable for directing religious energies into the arena of social activism, from women’s suffrage and temperance, to prison reform and a host of social uplift efforts that found political expression in the Progressive movement.

The fourth Great Awakening is perhaps the most difficult to pin down. Broadly speaking, in the late 1960s and early ’70s, Christians saw as widespread moral and social decline coupled with an aggressive secularist agenda to remove God and religion from the public sphere.

But are we at the beginning of yet another Great Awakening? A liberal evangelical is boldly making that claim- We need to see the beginning of a great awakening again! Here, now and in our very lives!

The fifth Great Awakening is here, it is time to live in victory, free from bondage, free from addiction, free from perversion, free from poverty, free from fear. A time to be Holy separated unto God, a time to pray. To watch what we say, what we see, what we hear. A time to take the word of God and live by it. Empowering the blessings and meeting there conditions by faith in action. And to those who listen and respond they will discover a kingdom for them to rule and reign over through promotion and advancement not only in their personal lives but in the following kingdoms:

1-Media (negative reporting bringing fear by the destroyer)

2-Government (earthly desire producing corruption)

3-Education (humanism, liberalism, rationalism and atheism)

4-Economy (trusting in mammon to provide is slow poison.)

5-Religion (idolatry)

6-Family (Baal-sacrifice of children)

7-Sports arts and Culture (seduction-through celebration and pleasure)

Now there are already kingdom living brothers and sisters operating in these kingdoms effecting them for God, we need to join them NOW NOW NOW!