For some time now the Lord has been warning the people in the Church to reform.

This voice has been far and few. Preachers do not win popularity contests in this generation telling anyone he or she cannot do whatever they want

These voices are the voices of reformation. Preachers who care about souls not popularity.

This is about truth not acceptance

These voices will become louder calling people to repent from sin and turn from wickedness.

The enemy of the voice will too shout louder with venom to silence the voice of Gods called ones.

In the Spirit of John the Baptist, Elijah and many like them who will begin to speak with greater authority, boldness and inspiration.

This voice of God’s called ones will be directly opposite to the modern evolutionist absence of biblical morality.

 We live in a society where anything and everything goes. “Love wins” slogans followed by “unconditional love” all sound good.

But when you remove all conditions, reverence, repentance, and pursuit of heavens purpose for your life your freedom and choices will produce consequences.

Freedom of will, choice and the future meet on death day.

To the backslidden & lukewarm I say …. Return, Confess & repent and take hold of the Lords purpose for your life.